Sunday, 8 November 2015

Localised Firefox Campaign @ MozUP

What could be a better start to a Sunday morning and the First day of November, other than breaking new grounds with Mozilla Uttar Pradesh's Localised Firefox Campaign at Precursor Info Solutions, Lucknow. The event kick started at 11:30 AM being "Grow Firefox download in Indian Languages" being the main agenda of the event.

To give it a boost, I started the event with a short Introduction of all the attendees, in which they had to tell their names, college and their expectations from this event. Their excitement could be easily seen in the expectations they had from us. I then introduced all the MozUP members. Vnisha then took the charge and introduced FOSS to all the attendees. She asked them what they know about Mozilla in order to make it more interactive and innovative.

Vnisha told everyone about Mozilla and its mission. Then Ashish came up with the various products of Mozilla and introduced every product to the attendees. Jyotsna, then explained Firefox OS and its app development. This took alot of time as all the attendees were so curious to know more and more about it. After that, Ashish explained the FSA program to everyone.

then, they were all asked to visit the url of the contribution areas, and Vnisha explained them in detail that in what ways they can contribute in Mozilla. Meanwhile, Noorul was busy in clicking some great pictures. Vnisha then told them about the main objective of this campaign and all the attendees were then asked to download the Hindi Firefox Browser.

All the attendees were then provided with the stick notes on which they were asked to write the feedback and stick it on an awesome Firefox Browser Logo painted by Ankita. We got great responses from all the attendees. All in all the event was a huge success.

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